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Tips and Tricks for the Shark Navigator Lift-away

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Tips and Tricks for the Shark Navigator Lift-away

Messagede RobLewis » 26/02/2021 14:05

All of us love a nice home with a shiny wooden floor that smells like fresh lilies and gleaming under the sun. But this expectation might be hard to maintain given our busy schedule. So what do we do?

A vacuum cleaner might be your answer. Among others, the shark navigator lift-away NV360 is among the best vacuum cleaners on the market that could help you reach this goal. This little blue machine is strong, long lasting, and really convenient to use. However, did you know there are things you can do to make even better use of the vacuum?

In this article today, we will show you a few tips and tricks that will turn your experience of using the NV360 by Shark from “good” to “great”.

About Us

TheKingLive is a US company that reviews products on a wide range of topics. We aim to give consumers an honest and objective view of things so that they can make the most informed decision on what to spend their hard-earned money on.

The thing that distinguishes us from the rest is that we put your benefits, your good, and your comfort as our top priority. As consumers, you deserve the truth. For this reason, even when certain things we say hurt our relationship with brands, we have no choice but to tell you the truth.

After consulting with different sources of product reviews, we conclude that the Shark NV360 is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.


Lift-Away feature

One of the things that distinguishes the NV360 vacuum from other models of similar kinds is its lift-away feature. However, there are two sides to every coin. According to shark navigator lift-away vacuum reviews, it seems like this feature adds a bit of weight to the machine, making it a little bulky when cleaning below low furniture.

According to Shark, having the vacuum on lift-away mode is best suited for cleaning narrow areas or places that are too small to move around. In such situations, simply release the button on the cleaning wand or on the handle, and you’ll be hand-carry the unit to any place that you want. One thing to note, though, is that you would still be tethered to an outlet because the vacuum cleaner needs electricity to run. But don’t worry too much, because the power cord is 25 feet in length!

Wrap a Bag When Emptying the Dust Cup

The dust cup of the shark navigator lift away upright vacuum is small and compact, having a capacity of three dry quarts. The good thing about it is that it’s transparent, which allows you to see through and know exactly when the cup is full. With this, you will easily know when to empty it, preventing the problem of overflowing.

One tip that many users recommend is to cover the dust cup entirely within a bag when taking it out, because what usually happens is: when you turn the cup upside down, hovering it over the trash bin, some of the debris can leak and re-enter the air.

This reverses the use of the Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which consists of a thin coat of protection aimed at preventing dirt particles from escaping. Thus, wrapping a bag around the cup acts as a guarantee against this issue.

Reduce Suction Power if Cleaner Gets Too Sticky

Another thing that has been noted about the shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner is that, because of its power, it can adhere to high-pile and deep carpeting. Compared to bare floors or low-pile carpets, the machine does a much worse job, moving less smoothly and easily on deep carpets.

To overcome this issue, there is a suction valve at the base of the handle. Releasing the valve lowers the pressure, thereby decreasing the suction power, making it less sticky and easier to move around. By contrast, when locking the valve, you seal the pressure, increasing suction power in the process. Do this when you want to adjust to power level, whether it being too frail or it is not picking up dirt as effectively as it should.

Make Use of the Warranty

Shark is one of the companies that offer the best warranty policies. For the NV360 Lift Away Deluxe, it has an impressive insurance policy of five years, under certain terms and conditions. Many users have shared that they had minor issues with the vacuum cleaner, such as it not turning on or lacking an accessory.

They received almost immediate assistance after they had called for help. The Shark customer service team is professional and responsive, available to help you 24/7. Simply give them a call, and—according to reviews by real customers— the accessories should be shipped to your doorstep.

In the instructions manual that comes in the package, there should be steps for you to contact Shark in case you need to. Follow these steps and you should be fine.

Check All Openings To Clear Obstacles

There have definitely been times when you would be eagerly turning on the machine to start cleaning, but nothing would happen. Besides their good customer service, Shark also provides a manual along with the 360 Shark Lift Away vacuum cleaner Containing specific instructions on how to troubleshoot certain problems.

The reason that it wouldn’t turn on is likely to be due to an obstruction. The issue of having things stuck inside the cleaning hose or any openings of the vacuum cleaner is a frequent one. Turning the machine on in such cases is to invite trouble.

For this reason, Shark installs a sensory thermostat that makes sure their product will never overheat. Having obstacles that inhibit airflow can cause the motor to overheat. Hence, your vacuum cleaner won’t turn on until all obstacles are cleared.

This is why the first thing you would like to do is to check all openings to see if there are any obstructions that might be triggering the thermostat, prompting it to prevent the initiation process.


Clean Filters and Empty Dust Cup for the Best Use

According to Shark, the dust cup should be emptied every time after use. The reason is because its capacity is not the largest, so to ensure a powerful suction, you should empty the dust cup every time you finish using your vacuum cleaner.

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For the pre-motor filters, it is recommended to clean them every three months. This is because dirt and debris can get stuck in the filter, lowering their purifying capacity. To rinse, place them under warm water and wash them by hand. Then, leave them to dry naturally to protect the fabric. Do not put them in dryers as this might damage the cloth.

For the HEPA filter, clean it every two years or according to use. The HEPA filter has one of the most important functions for the whole cleaner. It is the factor that will alleviate problems for allergy sufferers. Also rinse it under warm water, then leave it to air dry.

Above is our shark navigator lift away reviews on the things you can do to make the best use of your Shark NV360. If you find it helpful, please share!
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Re: planches extraites de L'An 01

Messagede lusabets » 26/02/2021 17:01

Surréaliste !
L'An 01 dénonçait la société de consommation,
et voilà-t-y pas que quelqu'un cherche à négocier une page de cet ouvrage réalisé par le regretté Gébé.
Nous avons véritablement changé de monde en cinquante ans.
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Re: planches extraites de L'An 01

Messagede Pat1065 » 26/02/2021 17:46

lusabets a écrit:Surréaliste !
L'An 01 dénonçait la société de consommation,
et voilà-t-y pas que quelqu'un cherche à négocier une page de cet ouvrage réalisé par le regretté Gébé.
Nous avons véritablement changé de monde en cinquante ans.

De monde, je ne sais pas, mais d'orthographe, c'est en bonne voie :lol:
RobLewis a écrit:bonjour j trouver une planches extraites de L'An 01 page 26 de gébé qui pourrais m aider et me dire si ca a une valeur merci
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